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Item Condition Description Price Notes
AF322 VG SIT $125.00 Piston type/not bellows
8458 LNIB LTI Southern GP9 $185.00 This may have been factory tested as there is the slightest hint of a rail mark on the power truck wheels.
48052 MIB Erie 4-6-2 Pacific $499.00  
48130 MIB SF Alco PA Sold Sold
48136 MIB B unit RAILSOUNDS! Sold Sold
48017 LNIB Nickel Plate Road GP-9 set $280.00 Powered plus dummy Test run only
49613 LNIB Southern Work Train S-12 Baldwin motive power $300.00 Not a scratch, but test run at Christmas The year of release
48034 MIB Seaboard Baldwin Switcher $215.00 Still sealed in shipping carton
6-48983 MIB Union Pacific Heavyweight  Passenger car 2-Pack $139.99  
6-48978 MIB Union Pacific Heavyweight Passenger car set 264.99  
48043 LNIB NYC Baldwin Switcher $225.00 TMCC conversion Has been test run, but otherwise perfect
6-48933 NIB Missouri Pacific dining car $120.00  
6-48914 NIB MP coach, Eagle Spirit $65.00  
6-48915 NIB Missouri Pacific vista dome, Eagle View $65.00 corner of box crumpled
6-49601  NIB Missouri Pacific A-A w/ 4 cars $575.00  
4--8118 NIB Missouri Pacific B unit $195.00  
6-49616 Test Chicago and Alton Set  $725.00  
6-49923 NIB 2-PK Heavyweight cars for Chicago and Alton  $150.00  
6-49614 NIB Pennsy PA Passenger Set    
6-49617 NIB Blue Comet Sold  
6-48994 NIB Blue Comet Heavyweight 2-PK Sold  
  NIB B&O Mikado Passenger cars only 4pk Both for  
6-48965 NIB 2-PK Passenger cars for B&O  $370.00  
6-48036 Test NYC Mikado TMCC  $400.00  
6-48041 Test UP Mikado TMCC  $420.00  
6-48061 NIB B&O Pacific TMCC  $515.00  
6-49612   B&O Mikado (packaged with Passenger set)   2003
6-48048 NIB SD-9 Duluth Missabbe and Iron Range 245 New for 2005, new drive sysem
6-48147 NIB SF Blue Alco PA-PA (Flyonel) Sold  
6-48042 Test Southern Mikado 565  
6-48993 NIB PennsyHeavyweight 2-PK Sold  
6-48990 NIB NYC Heavyweight 4-PK 264.99  
6-48991 NIB NYC Heavyweight 2-PK 139.99