TMCC Conversion of my SHS 2-8-0 Consolidation


I used Carl Tuveson's interface board, which makes for a very tidy installation.

Be sure to check out his original and final designs. People like Carl are a real asset to those of us who have many standard American Flyer and Flyonel locos, and are not wishing to make the jump to DCC.


This most daunting thing about this installation is the amazing amount of detail on the SHS loco. Pulling it out of the packaging is no small task in itself, and I must have looked at the locomotive for 10 minutes prior to mustering the courage to turn it on its side to remove the tender shell.


If you do nothing else on this page at least watch the video of the locomotive in operation.


This is a picture of the installed interface board and the Mini Commander with the tender shell removed.

This shows the left side view of the installation. The bent down pins on the Sound Commander can be seen in this shot.

Note the original standoffs for the SHS board has been trimmed.

This is the right side view of the installed board.Note the original standoffs for the SHS board has been trimmed as in the view above

I selected the Electric Railroad's Atlantic sound set Sound Commander for my installation.

I took this picture just to study to make sure I had the wires hooked up correctly. Note the broken LC-1 (yellow) wire. This is what happens if you pull the mini commander off the interface board too many times while testing. Note that I had to repair the pink wire on the Sound Commander because I tried 3 different units and damaged this wire as well.

This Picture is to document wire installation as well. I wanted to have something to refer to while doing the troubleshooting of the non-working smoke and erratic chuff.

I had some issues with the voltage regulator and it toasted the smoke element, or vise versa or who knows. As a result I ended up replacing the voltage regulator with a 7805 1amp 5v that I had in a box of parts from my R/C helicopter days. ( I chose to believe that finding this while looking for some terminal blocks was a sign I should try this option)


Carl Tuveson had asked the question as to whether the chopped sine wave from my Lionel TPC 400 may have damaged the regulator. I did a test with a 4 cell battery pack as I was concerned that the 18v DC coming from the voltage regulator might have damaged the optical chuff trigger as well. With the flaky voltage regulator the chuff was very erratic and would skip all or some chuff triggers in a wheel revolution.

See a you tube video of the chuff behaving at its best with the old Voltage Regulator, and then with the battery as 5v supply.

As a result of the issues above  I was curious to see if the suspect TPC 400 would cause any functional issues with the AN7805. I was pleased to discover that all functions work flawlessly with the AN7805 installed, with the exception of the smoke unit which I have disabled due to the damaged element.


To see the loco in operation as helper to my American Models TMCC converted NYC E-8 click on the youtube link below:

Operating as a helper to a heavy laden ATSF F7



Feb 1 2009